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MDW 4.3.10

    Components Names change:
    1. Navbar >> Horizontal Menu
    2. Sidenav >> Sidebar Menu
    3. Page Templates:
      1. Full Carousel Page >> Fullscreen Slider
      2. Half Carousel Page >> Halfscreen Slider
    4. Shortcodes:
      1. Carousel shortcode >> Slider shortcode
      2. Modal >> Popup
      3. Collapse >> Toggle
    5. Widgets:
      1. Carousel widget >> Slider Widget
      2. MDW Magazine >> MDW News
    6. Dummy content >> Page Generator
    Bug fixes:
    1. Testimonials:
      1. Star displaying fixed
      2. Job title area not hidden after save
      3. Quote label fix
      4. Layout align fixed
      5. Widget preview change
      6. Buttons have skin colors
      7. Content area added
    2. Pricing:
      1. Select background photo in Pricing display before save
      2. Period change and gradients added
      3. Price label fix
      4. Boxed layout added
      5. Hide not active buttons
    3. Team:
      1. Images save in the particular items
      2. Description area added
      3. Tags fix
      4. Social media links added
      5. Content area to items added
    4. Animations in Portfolio and Downloader
    5. Divider - default color changed to black
    6. Contact - layout change
    7. Text in Accordion is aligned to center
    8. Half Slider option added
    9. Tabs save bug fixed
    10. Counter row added
    11. Hide sidebar in post pages when "Margins" or "Full width section" layout is chosen
    12. Smooth scroll fix
    13. Quote - mask and background image option added
    14. Whitespace in Magazine removed
    15. Mask in Full Width Section added
    16. Social media - possible to display in all pages
    17. Widgets in custom sidebar fix
    18. Instagram photos in footer bug fixed
    19. Font size the same in all widgets
    20. Slider - images are centered and no extra space is added if a photo is too narrow.
    21. Margins added to all widgets
    22. Breadcrumbs skin color fixed
    23. Font style works also in titles

MDW 4.3.0

  • Changed mode to Trial
  • Dummy Content added
  • Custom Page Layout and Navigation settings for each page
  • Posts formats support:
    1. Video
    2. Image
    3. Gallery
    4. Quote
  • New widgets:
    1. Downloader
    2. Contact v3
    3. Projects v5
    4. Magazine v7
    5. Features v6 & v7
    6. Full Width Section v3
    7. Media v1 & v2
    8. Social Media v1 & v2 (Instagram Feed)
    9. Testimonials v5
  • Advanced Footer
  • Navbar Logo
  • Favicon
  • Buttons and Icons are optional in every widget
  • Font size can be changed in widgets
  • Widgets with buttons have "Filled button" option which determines whether button is filled or outlined
  • MailPoet widget support
  • MDW Config:
    1. Possibility of removing images
    2. "Color scheme" shows more colors
    3. Tab stays active after refresh
  • Update notification next to MDW Config tab in the menu
  • Post Page has Previous/Next button and Related Posts Carousel
  • Bug fixes:
    1. Archive browsing works well
    2. MDW Features keeps changes after saving
    3. Misleading icon order fixed in MDW Features
    4. Category in Post Page- Cover Photo is now displaying correctly
    5. Background color for page now works
    6. Footer menus aren't displayed when not assigned
    7. "Do you want to share" issue has been resolved
    8. Title bar doesn't show up when set to empty in MDW Magazine widget
    9. Category icon and color settings works well
    10. Blank title bar fixed in MDW Tabs

MDW 4.2.7

  • Product Listing widget added
  • Breadcrumbs added
  • Post pages layouts:
    1. Cascading
    2. Default
    3. Title up
    4. Cover photo
  • Page templates:
    1. Grid fixed
    2. Margins corrected
    3. Navigation bugs fixed
  • Translation file added

MDW 4.2.6

  • Social Icons in navbar
  • Search form bug fixed
  • Minimal share/comment count

MDW 4.2.5

  • Magazine widget issue fixed
  • Jumbotron template default values change
  • Custom JavaScript code

MDW 4.2.4

  • Team widget v5,v6,v7,v8,v9 added
  • Transparent navbar fix
  • Sidenav dissappearing bug fix
  • Carousel widget added

MDW 4.2.3

  • Page to display widget option added
  • Icon picker in MDW Config improved
  • Blog widget v13 added
  • Ecommerce widget v5 & v6

MDW 4.2.2

  • Social counter- Google
  • "Do you want to share" buttons added
  • MDW Config rearranged
  • Update module remade
  • Site title bug fix
  • bbPress style changed
  • Woocommerce support enhanced
  • Cart page improved

MDW 4.2.1

  • Backward compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • Infinite scroll bug fixed
  • Pagination color fixed
  • Sidenav navigation logic changed

MDW 4.2.0

  • JS and CSS resources upgraded
  • WooCommerce support enhanced:
    1. Product Pages improved
    2. Shop layout changed
  • Comments template modified
  • Theme file structure changed
  • WordPress default widgets styled
  • Author box upgraded
  • Author pages added
  • Category Page listings v1 & v2 added
  • Widget previews fixed in Page Builder
  • Category settings doesn't require page reload
  • Unnecessary files removed
  • Lightbox added

MDW 4.1.3

  • 404 page added
  • Under construction template enhanced
  • Menu dropdown styles added
  • Contact Form 7 support

MDW 4.1.2

  • Margins and padding fixed in all templates
  • Pricing widget v2,v5 added
  • Countdown widget fix
  • Update module rebuilt

MDW 4.1.1

  • Widget editing fixed in Page Builder
  • Pricing widget v3,v4 added
  • Jumbotron Template fixed

MDW 4.1.0

What's new?

Release 4.1.0 brings many new functionalities (detailed list below). Among the other, the most important one was adding our own Page builder. From now on you can customize your website in real time. Further more we have added lot of integrations - social login with Facebook and Twitter (Google+ coming soon), WooCommerce, bbPress, Disqus and many more.

Page Builder

From now on, you can edit your MDW website using visual drag and drop builder. While logged in as admin, you can click "Customize" in admin bar which will bring you to WP Customizer. Once you choose Page builder from menu you will see list of components which you can simply drag and drop in certain places of your website. You can also edit them in by clicking on pen icon, shuffle or remove.


We have enabled MDW with multiple integration to 3rd party apss like:

  • Social login
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
  • Facebook comments
  • Disqus
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress
  • Gravatar


  • Dynamic "load more" posts
  • Pricing widget v1, added ecommerce sidebar
  • Countdown widget
  • Author box
  • Widgets animation select
  • Blog listing v11 widget
  • CTA widget (not intro)
  • Shortcodes in widgets
  • Video post format support
  • 4 columns in template-column-listing
  • Smooth scroll
  • Social counter (facebook)
  • Under construction template (very basic)
  • Counter widget
  • New layout types (Margins with/without sidebar and Full page with/without sidebar
  • Divider widget
  • MDW form plugin
  • Alerts shortcode
  • Tabs widget
  • Accordion widget
  • Transparent navbar