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Can I turn off the page builder features?

Home Forums Support Can I turn off the page builder features?

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    We really have no use for the customizer, I have multiple content people that regularly will be editing the site, can I just get rid of this page builder feature altogether?
    Also, what’s up with the lack of minification or css variables? This seems awfully bulky for something that should be designed for speed. I was under the impression that the theme would basically just be a basic setup theme for WP with BS4 and MD built in – which would be ideal.

    Sebastian Kaczmarek

    Hi Christina,

    Yesterday, we have released the 4.3.11 version of MDW in which we have disabled Page Builder in the Customizer. Mostly because of WordPress API change which caused a lot of issues with this feature. This is why for now it is not available at all. It will come back with the next minor update.

    About lack of minification. Files which should not be modified are minified, and the rest is left as is. We want to leave our users the possibility of customizing the look of MDW by editing styles. Although it is not the fastest solution we have considered a lot of them and think that this is the best and easiest. But we will consider even more options to make sure that all our users enjoy using our theme.

    Best regards,


    Guys any update on bringing page builder back? It’s not letting me edit any of the templates. I’m even ok if I could edit it as raw html.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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