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Mailpoet 2 plugin now at version 3 Do we upgrade?

Home Forums Support Mailpoet 2 plugin now at version 3 Do we upgrade?

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    Upon installation of MDW theme we are alerted to the need to install two plugins. One being MailPoet2. Of course to keep WordPress safer we need to keep all plugins up to date. No exceptions. Upon installing the MailPoet 3 plugin and deactivating MailPoet 2 I then get the message about needing to reactivate Mailpoet2.

    So what is the deal here? You are requiring the use of MailPoet plugin with the purchase of MD WordPress theme. That plugin is updated but the WordPress theme is not recognizing it. Will the theme be updated soon to remove the warning message about MailPoet 2 being deactivated if we are using MailPoet 3?
    Or will the theme be updated to incorporate the use of MailPoet 3?
    Need to know.

    Dawid Adach

    Dear ,

    Mailpoet 3 will work, however, it might be missing some styles. By default Mailpoet 2 is supported, as a result subscription widget will have Material Design styles applied.


    So will there be an update so that Mailpoet 3 will also have the Material Design styles?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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