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Material Design for WordPress

Material Design for WordPress

The most powerful Material Design WordPress Theme

Design inspired by Google

4.9 / 5 (17 reviews)

One theme to cover all your needs

With only a few clicks create E-commerce, Blog, Magazine, Portfolio, Landing Page or whatever website you need

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See it in action:

Click on the images below to see details of the theme

Material Design for WordPress includes all the themes listed below


For people who have just started running their online business and experienced entrepreneurs. MDW provide 3rd party integration with all plugins you need to run your ecommerce.

Live preview


The Number of ready to use components makes it easy as a pie to personalize your Blog. Material Design underlines the most important thing on your website - your content.

Live preview


Great content needs a place to store. Articles and photos like ordered space with an easy navigation. Material Design in collaboration with WordPress improves your content presentation..

Live preview


Use our templates to present your work. Simple design, countless possibilities.

Live preview

Landing Pages

First impression, people. Don't let your chances for getting new visitors be wasted

Live preview

Present your images, videos and text messages in much more eye-pleasant form by using our stunning sliders

Fullscreen Slider

Fully responsive and mobile friendly column layout containing multiple cards with a proper headline and a brief description


Create stunning website within 2 minutes

Take advantage of using the newest technologies available in the web development

Inspired by Google Material Design. Powered by Twitter Bootstrap technology and WordPress platform.

Material Design for WordPress combines the best features of modern web development used by the biggest technology companies on the planet.

The core:

WordPress tutorial - tablet image
Ready to use in few clicks

Fast configuration is one of the greatest features of WP platform. We didn't want to change that. We also kept it simple.

Drag & drop page builder

Choose the component, drag it, drop it, see the changes in real-time. Is there anything more you need?

Multiple video & text tutorials

We all were beginners once. So, we are aware of the necessity of the proper introduction. We'll show you how to build your website from scratches in step-by-step tutorials.

Fully responsive

You don't have to worry about the mobile appearance. MDW looks great on each screen.

Compatible with the most popular tools

BBPress plugin logo

Your Blog or Magazine need a decent forum? It is not a problem since we support bbPress plugin.

Woocommerce plugin logo

Woocommerce is a popular plugin, essential to run e-commerce on your website. Whole functionality with our Material Design template.

Contact form plugin

The more traffic on your website, the more questions from visitors you'll have to deal with. Managin that with Contact Form 7 is easy.

Yoast plugin logo

To draw additional visitors, you need to know how to get a high ranking on search engines. It has never been easier with Yoast SEO.

Want more?

Extensive documentation

Transparency is one of our most important values. Therefore, we are preparing detailed documentation for every single component we provide.

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE, Microsoft Edge - MDW support all browsers; all browsers support MDW.

Technical support

MDWordPress Pro users have the highest priority. Your questions will be answered ASAP.

Active community

WordPress is all about the users. Therefore people help each other with many issues. All you have to do is ask the question you're concern about.

WordPress tutorial - smartphone image
Frequent and automated updates

We are developing our products all the time. Everyday improvement is our daily routine.

SEO optimized

Your website is by default well prepared for SEO optimization. Not to mentioned Yoast SEO plugin, which will help you take advantage of more advanced SEO options.

Incredibly fast

Fast installation, rapid configuration, immediate customization.

No coding required

You can save time because no coding knowledge is needed. Friendly interface, drag and drop widgets, ready-to-use templates, and themes.

...or even more, than more?


Even if it is your first time with the WP, no worries. Navigation is easy and full of useful hints.

Google-like navigation

Google invented Material Design to standardize the interface. Thanks to that, users don't have to waste their time, to learn the navigation of the website every single time.

E-commerce ready

Woocommerce plugin facilitates setting up the online store.

Shortcode generator

Helps you generate the codes with a live preview.

Fully customizable

It's like Lego. Take blocks and build whatever you want.

Retina ready

Very smooth, the highest possible quality and no distortion.

Multiple skins and unlimited colors

Our templates can be rapidly customized in terms of the colors - many colors.

600+ icons

Social icons, business icons, everyday icons, marks, tools, characters, whatever you want, just name it. All fully responsive.

Super easy installation & setup

You don't have to be IT wizard to install and configure the WP and our MDW theme. Just be eager to do that.

Beautiful animations

If you read this, you've scrolled down this page. Therefore, you should have noticed what we're talking about.

Social options

You may wonder if it is possible to integrate your website with social media. Yes, it is.

Forms generator

All websites use forms - contact form, sign up or any other. With our generator, the process of their creation is as easy as never before.

Stunning sliders

...or carousel - depends on the environment - is a wonderful way to impress your web visitors.


It is scrolling technique. Background image is moving slower than front images and content.

Easy translation

If you want to change the website language from English to Mandarin (or any other) - don't be afraid. Couple of clicks and it's done.

Fantastic galleries

Our advanced LightBox plugin let you create a stunning and responsive gallery.

Ready to launch a 6 minutes installation?

Learn some magic

Try our great tutorials and discover the amazing world of Material Design for WordPress. All free of charge.

Wordpress tutorial

After this tutorial, you will be familiar with all neccessary knowledge about WordPress Theme development. You will know how to set the environment, install and configure WordPress, set up theme construction and customize the widgets and functions.

Go to tutorials

Learn more about WordPress and Material Design


In 2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little introduce their content management system designed mainly for blogs. Because of extensive functionality, numbers of plugins and widgets, WordPress can be used to create entire websites for many purposes. It is not a coincidence that more than 25% of the top 10 000 000 websites is powered by WordPress. Both amateurs and professional can customize their web in various of ways. Therefore complicity depends only on designers concept. WordPress is used by your friends, but also a significant number of world-famous brands like BBC, eBay, Sony or TechCrunch.

WordPress, based on PHP and MySQL, is childishly easy to install and configure. Non-coders, who have never develop any website using scripts, get an interface, which allows them to create the website without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or any other language.

What makes WordPress so powerful? It exists since 13 years, and since the very beginning, its engine is being developed not only by founders but hundreds of programmers-volunteers and thousands of developers. Every single day new themes and plugins are being created, and new users are becoming members of the worldwide community. The policy of WordPress is fully transparent. Therefore no one suffers from any deception. Clear distinctions between free and payable products allow users to freely decide whether they want to use only essential components or pay some money to enjoy premium features.

Material Design for WordPress is a excellent example of WordPress flexibility of style.

The process of Web Design is now easy as ever. WordPress combined with Google's visual language is a toolbox containing both interface to develop the grid as well as a set of visual overlays. Drag, drop, fill, upload.

Material Design

In 2014 Google presented Material Design - design language dedicated mainly to interfaces for devices using Android system. Unification of style and navigation across different screen sizes and browsers helped developers to unify the look of different applications and websites.

Material Design is not only visual language. It is a well-defined concept which unlike flat design follow particular rules and regulations. Animation, shadows, and print-based elements build realism which is based on laws of physics. As a result of that, Material Design does not confuse users who are not familiar with a particular website or application.

All you should know about MD is described with every little detail by Google on their documentation website. Since it is not a product released yesterday, availability of recommendation and good practices established by Google itself and UI/UX designers are fairly impressive. There is some basic emphasis, what follows:

Materials as a metaphor - MD is a metaphor of space for paper and ink. Light and space are used in this tool as the real things. Other characteristics of the Material Design are shadows. That basic reflects the behavior of real things in reality.

Meaning - Material Design inspiration is design assigned to the print, which is reflected in precisely constructed grid with great importance of colors and typography.

Movement & Animation - MD not only supports a static form of printing design but also includes the digital media, basing it on the laws of physics. It gives us the possibility of reconciling utility with aesthetics what is very important nowadays.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is one more, central MD metaphor. The material has its own position in space on the Z-axis. Therefore we can evaluate whether it is closer or farther from a user. It is so-called Elevation value. The engaging fact is that this value triggers lower or higher positions in space by accurately selected shading.

Any other important for Material Design attributes?

- Colours - wisely chosen and tasteful

- Icons - plain and handy

- Images and graphic - adequate supply for the content

- Typography - smooth and based on classic Roboto font