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WordPress Tutorial bbPress


Written by Michał Krawczyk ,

  1. Go to Plugins, then click on Add new.
  2. Find the Search Plugin area and type "bbPress". Press enter. Now, click Install Now, then Activate.
  3. BBPress plugin - WordPress view
  4. After activation, some additional Options should appear in your Sidenav (Forums, Topics, and Replies). Now, when your plugin is activated and works properly, we can start to create your first forum.
  5. Go to the Forums and click New forum. Fill the title with the name and click Publish. Be sure that in the Topic Attributes card you have chosen the Type: Forum.
  6. Now you have to add the topics. To do that, go to the Topics and click New Topic.
  7. Topics are basically very similar to the pages. Content, which you add to the Page area will be displayed as a first post in the particular topic. It is very important to assign the topic into the particular forum. That's why we've created it in the first place. If you won't do that, your topic won't be simply displayed in the forum. Therefore in Page Attributes collapse the bar near the Forum: label and choose the name of your forum.
  8. If your forum is growing, it will be necessary to categorize all of that content. If you want to have more than one forum, where you will insert several topics, you have to do a few things.
  9. First of all, create a New Forum. It will be a parent - container for the children - meaning - forums you want to categorize. Add the title, and choose the type of the Forum. It has to be Category type (Page Attributes card) because Forums contains topics, and Categories contains Forums.
  10. Then, you have to assign the forums, which you want to include into the category. Click on the particular forum and take a look at the Forum Attributes card. Collapse the bar near the Parent label. Now you have to choose the parent for your forum. Click on the name of the Forum with the Category type and then Update.
  11. Now your forum is assigned to the category. Repeat the steps for the rest of the forums, and if you need more categories, because of a large number of your forums, create them one by one. Good luck!
  12. Note!

    All of the responses and comments are available in the Replies. All of the replies in the topics are listed like typical posts. You can filter them by the forum, category, and the date, unfortunately - it's not possible to filter them by topics.

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