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Written by Michał Krawczyk ,

  1. If you are creating a lot of posts, it is better to get to know the categories. Thanks to them, you can organize your posts. Let me show you an example. If you didn't create posts do far, do it now. If you've done that, let's create the categories.
  2. Click on Categories.
  3. Then, fill the Name and Slug. What is the Slug? Word or phrases which you will type in this bracket will be placed in the URL address. But remember, that you can use only letters, numbers, and hyphens("-").
  4. If you want to nest one category in another, you choose a parent. Parent category in the hierarchy of the categories is higher than a child category, so like in real life, a parent can possess a couple of children.
  5. The description is visible under the name of the category in the particular category site. Posts are placed under the description.
  6. Now add your new category. Repeat those steps and add at least another one, so your posts can have different categories.
  7. Go back to the Posts. Choose some of them, then click on the bar with the label Bulk Actions, then the bar will collapse. Find Edit. Click Apply.
  8. If you've changed your mind and don't want to put some of the chosen posts to the particular category - click on the icon next to the posts label to delete it.
  9. Tick the category. You can also choose the author, change the comments appearance and status of the changes. If everything is done, click Update. Repeat those steps for other categories.

On the other hand, you may assign a category to single post while editing it:

  1. Open the already created post.
  2. Look on the right side of the page and find the card "Categories". Like in the image below.
  3. Now tick the category which you want to assign your post to.
  4. Update the changes.

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Michał Krawczyk

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