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MDW WordPress Tutorial - Config General

MDW Config: General Settings

Written by Michał Krawczyk ,

General Settings are dedicated for changes which are basic for all the pages on your website:

  1. Font style - you can change the thickness of the font
  2. Default button - there are 4 available options:

  3. Fixed height columns - If you're using cards, where images with a different height and text amount are used, you may keep the height of the card the same for every post.
  4. Back to the top button - as its name suggests, it is a button which is displayed at the bottom right corner on each subpage and is used to scroll the page back to the top.
  5. Layout type:
    • Margins - On the bigger screens your pages will be fixed from a certain width (all elements, not only texts width but also widgets).
    • Full width - All your page elements on the website will be stretched (all of the pages are fully responsive) on full width.
    • Margins with the sidebar - The same as "Margins", but additionally on the right, there will be space for sidebar - you can assign widgets to the sidebar in the Widgets area.
    • Full page with the sidebar - The same as "Full width", but with a sidebar on the right side.


    If you choose an option with the sidebar and you don't assign any widget in the sidebar widget area, there will be blank space on the right side of all of your pages.

  6. Color scheme - is no more no less than a color which is set for the whole page.
  7. In the background section, you can set the background color of your website...
  8. ...or choose the Image which will be displayed instead of the plain color. Additionally, you may customize the background photo in a various of ways:
        • Repeat:
        • - Tile - your image will be tiled on the website both horizontally and vertically
        • - No repeat - your photo will be just stuck on a page.
        • - Tile horizontally - image will be tiled only horizontally
        • - Tile vertically - image will be tiled only vertically
        • Position:
        • - Left
        • - Center
        • - Right
        • Attachment:
        • - Scroll - while scrolling, your image will stick to the top of the website
        • - Fixed - while scrolling, your image will disappear

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Michał Krawczyk

Digital Marketing Analyst at MDW with a strong Research background, student of Interfaculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the Jagiellonian University

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