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MDW WordPress Tutorial - Config Post Page

MDW Config: Post Page

Written by Michał Krawczyk ,

This part of the MDW Config lesson is dedicated to the post page settings:

  1. Display Feature Image - it is an option to allow WordPress to display the images or not
  2. Display Post Author (1.), Display Post Date (2.) and Display Post Category (3.) are visible under the post title in the following order:

  3. Post page settings - Material Design for WordPress

  4. Display Author Box - if you choose this option, info about the author will be displayed below every single post you'll add.

  5. Remember!

    If you don't add your Biographical Info in the Users/Your profile, your Author Box won't be displayed at all. Edit your bio, then tick the display option. Your avatar is placed under the Biographical Info.

  6. Display Meta Tags - as it name says, you choose whether your Meta tags are visible or not
  7. Post Page

  8. Cascade Default Title up Cover photo
    Social buttons

    under the title,

    under the post

    under the title under the title under the title
    Next post button
    Post proposition
    Title placement separate card below the feature image below the feature image above the feature image on the feature image
    Live preview

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